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Therapy Trial Program - What do expect during your first visit?

In VitalAire-Avattvon (VAS), we have a team experienced CPAP Consultants to provide clinical assistant for your therapy on CPAP / Auto BiPAP / BiPAP Level.

Sleep Report - Going through your sleep report to give you a better understanding of your sleep conditional recorded over the sleep study.

Mask Fitting - Selecting the right mask is crucial for maximum compliance to CPAP therapy. There are different types and designs of masks to fit each individual. You can get to experience them first-hand at our sleep centre.

CPAP Coaching -After selecting a suitable mask, we will advise you on mask maintenance, mask adjustment and operating the CPAP machine.

Therapy Follow up - We provide regular follow with all our patients on their therapy with our Therapy Initiation Program and On-Going Therapy Program, giving us the highest success rate on compliance rate.

2 weeks

Long Term CPAP Therapy Management

Therapy Initiation Program (TIP)

VitalAire-Avattvon(VAS) has a comprehensive Sleep Management Program for Sleep Diagnostics and therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Our team of clinically trained consultant provides professional education and support to our patients.

On-Going Therapy Program(TOP)

VAS focus on providing quality products and high clinical standard to our patients. Our VAS Friend - Continuous Patient Care Program offer ongoing monitoring, clinical re-assessments to identify additional needs and to maximize the comfort and efficiency of CPAP/BiPAP Therapy.

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