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DeVilbiss BLUE Auto Plus (DV64)

The DeVilbiss Blue Auto Plus detects and automatically responds to events throughout the night, for the best possible night's sleep. 

The algorithm in the DeVilbiss Blue sets a new standard of data and performance. Improved sensitivity to a full spectrum of respiratory events means it detects more data and responds to a new level of accuracy, giving the user the most comfortable experience. Its powerful logic allows the DeVilbiss Blue to differentiate and report simple Obstructive Apnoea from more complex scenarios, including Central Apnoea and mixed disease.

To maximise patient comfort the device uses innovative features such as SmartFlex and Flow Rounding, helping to ensure maximum patient compliance.  The DeVilbiss Blue series has a new state of the art humidfication system using PulseDose technology to increase user comfort.

DeVilbiss BLUE Heated Humidifier (Pulse Dose)

PulseDose humidification is a new technique developed by DeVilbiss to combat nasal congestion and dryness of throat and nose.

It works by delivering heated humidified air during inhalation only, and non-humidified air during exhalation. This gives the user maximum comfort whilst conserving water and eliminating 'rain-out' from the tubing ensuring a minimum of 8 hours uninterrupted sleep - with no need for an expensive heated tube!

DeVilbiss BLUE PulseDose Humidification consumes the least water compare to traditional heated humidifiers.


Dimensions : 9.4cm H x 15.5cm W x 14cm D

                  16.1cmH x 15.5cm W x 19.3cmD (with Humidifier)

Weight: 900g / 1.75kg (with humidifier)

Airline Transport Approved

Pressure Rage: 3 - 20cmH2O

Mode: CPAP / Auto CPAP

Ramp: 3 - 20cmH2O

Operation Temperature Range: 5 degree C to 40 degree C

Sound Pressure Level: <26.6 dbA

Machine Warranty: 2 years


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