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Getting the best fitted mask for your therapy.

The most important factor in complying with CPAP therapy is getting a mask that fit your face well.

In VitalAire - Avattvon, we take time to fit every patient with the best fitted mask. Taking consideration of every indiviual shape of face, length of the nose, the width of the nostrial, facial bone if a forehead support is preferred and whether facial hair or dentures are present. It is also important for the CPAP patient to describe how they tend to sleep; side or back sleeper, constantly moving or static. Each of these factors can have an impact on mask choice and can help narrow the field to a few CPAP masks.

Having a wide selection of mask we are confident that our CPAP Consultant is able to assist you in finding the best fitted mask, coaching you how to adjust your mask and how to clean your mask.

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