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Home Sleep Screening is the easiest and most convenient way of screening for Sleep Apne. The cost of Home Sleep Screening is much lower than a cost of a traditional sleep lab test. Many patients cannot find time in their schedule to attend a over night study in the hospital.

How It Works

The screening consists of RUSleeping device, a Oral-Nasal Cannula and a battery.

The device easily clips onto your garment or can be place under the pillow. As the cannula starts to sense the respiratory airflow pressure at the nose or mouth, the device will start recording. If your breathing decreases 50 percent or more for 10seconds or long, it is considered an apneic event and it is being recorded.

A report will be generate out within 15mins upon returning the the device to our service centre. The score will will display numbers of events by hour.

An AHI of 5 and below is Low Risk of Sleep Apnea. An AHI of 5 and above is High Risk of Sleep Apnea.

Objective Apneic Screening

RUSleeping RTS is an in-home objective screening device that provides real-time results. This is the easier and most convenient for you to determine whether you are at risk of Sleep Apnea.

How to Order a RUSleeping RTS Apneic Screening?

1. Email us via or SMS us at 9651 5471.

   a) Your Name;

   b) NRIC / ID Number;

   c)  Date of Birth;

   d) Date you would like pick up RUSleeping RTS device

      (Oral-nasal cannula / battery / instruction booklet);

   e) Contact Number

2. We will contact you shortly on comfirmation of your order.

3. Pick up your Screening Kit at 1. Scotts Road, #17-11 Shaw

  Centre S228208. (mondays to fridays - 9:30am- 6:00pm,  

  Saturdays 9:30am - 1:30pm)

4. We will guide you on how to set up the screening

5. Return the Screening Kit with 3 days from the date of collection.

6. A result slip will be generated


RUSleeping RTS In-Home Apneic Screening $ 88.00 (before 7% GST)


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