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Embetta GOLD - Type III Sleep Testing

Type II Sleep Testing has become a popular in the recent year as it is more cost effective and more comfortable.

Type III Sleep Testing is the baseline of Sleep Screening if you suspect you may have Obstrutive Sleep Apnea.

The channels includes

1. Nasal Air Flow Pressure

2. Snore

3. Chest Respiratory Effort

4. Abdominal Respiratory Effort

5. Blood Oxygen Level

6. Pulse Rate

7. Sleep Position

Embletta GOLD is AASM and CMS compliant and accepted by clinicians worldwide.

Equipment used:

Embletta Gold - the world's most widely accepted home sleep testing device.

Designed for durability, the Embletta Gold will withstand the demand of both clinical and home testing enviroment, while maintaining its impeccable record for the high quality and high performance that sleep professionals worldwide have come to reply on.

This is a 120seconds data, showing Obstructive Apnea with desaturation in oxygen.  

  • 56.09 seconds Obstructive Apnea detected (marked  

    in Pink)

  • 15.60 seconds Hypopnea detected (marked in yellow)

  • Oxygen dropped from 95% to 87%.


An overnight Home Sleep Screening can tell whether you are suffering from Sleep Apnea. A trained Sleep Techinican will set up the equipment at your home an hour before your bed-time and will return the next morning to collect the recording. Data will be analyzed by our experienced RPSGT. Your sleep report will be ready within 48hours.

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