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DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Series

The DeVilbiss IntelliPAP® Platform has been designed with patients and providers in mind, incorporating many of the recommendations solicited through research to optimize patient comfort and adherence. The IntelliPAP combination of comfort, education and adherence tracking with SmartCode® and SmartLink® as well as the patented comfort feature called SmartFlex® help to ensure patient compliance - all in a highly efficient platform that makes great business sense for providers. MADE IN USA.

Special Features of IntelliPAP

Free Smartcode - monitor your  therapy online

Whisper-quiet operation - amonth the quietest  

   CPAP units,  only 26dBA

Clean, sophisticated appearance and compact  

    size easily fits into any home environment

Auto-switching universal power supply of

   100-240V and 50 - 60Hz

DV53 IntelliPAP Standard CPAP

DV54 IntelliPAP Auto CPAP

DV57 IntelliPAP Auto BIPAP

DV55/55 IntelliPAP BiPAP

Retrieve SmartCode

Comfort Technology

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How To Retrieve SmartCode


In today’s world monitoring patient adherence is a vital part of successful CPAP therapy. It can be time consuming and costly; however, with SmartCode – an innovative and no-cost solution, patient adherence is monitored effectively and efficiently.

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Comfort Technologies

Research has proven that there are three key influencers that contribute to patient adherence to CPAP therapy: comfort, education and intervention. To address the comfort element, DeVilbiss Healthcare has developed several exclusive or patented technologies to improve user comfort.

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